Hydropneumatic System


Hydro pneumatic systems deliver efficient, noise free performance, providing constant water pressure in high rise buildings such as residential apartments, hotels, IT parks, and other commercial buildings.

The hydro pneumatic system consists of pressure pumps could be horizontal Monoblock or Vertical multistage inline pumps, single or multiple pressure tank, Control Panel with or without VFD, Suction and discharge manifolds, NRV, Butterfly Valves, Pressure Transmitter or Switch and a common base plate. The pressure tank consists of a rubber bladder surrounded by pressurized air. Water being a non-compressible fluid, pressurized air is used.

When a tap or shower knob is operated water from this pressure tank is utilized. As the water is utilized the pressure in the tank is reduced. This pressure drop is sensed by the pressure switch and the pump is turned ON. Once the set pressure is achieved, the pump shuts OFF. This is done so as to reduce more ON/OFF’s of the pumps. This increases the life of the pumps and system works automatically and no manpower is required.

We design the system based on the Clients’ requirement, site conditions and most importantly based on Piping Design, as Pumping & Piping goes hand in hand. Our expertise is to understand the Piping Design and then design the Pumping System.

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