► Provide reliable solution to clients in moving & managing fluid machinery and related solutions in an economical, efficient, environment friendly manner for all mechanical, electrical, automation, control & instrumentation requirements related to water and waste water driven by innovation and agility under one roof.

► Provide valued engineering and competency in our innovation with world class standard.

► Achieve sustainable growth with justified profits to ensure continuous improvements in products and services entire satisfaction to the clients.

Welcome To World Water Tech And Engineers

“WORLD WATERTECH AND ENGINEERS” is a professional company of qualified Engineers, fully equipped engineering solution provider with innovative & cost effective products serving to core water & Waste water sector.

We are engaged in Manufacturing, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Trading & Service provider for Pumping, Mixing Technology, System Integration, Panel Manufacturing , Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis system and Servicing of Surface and submersible pumps ,electrical control panel, Mixer etc

Our innovation and products are on the common theme of “solution in the engineering way”. We believe that water and energy are the two most critical resources for humankind and it is of utmost importance to achieve maximum efficiency while handling these.

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25 Years Of

We have in-house manufacturing facility of electrical control panel from 0.75 Kw to 45 Kw. Panel with Dedicated Drive system, fixed speed system, indoor/ Outdoor type panel with/without IP 55 enclosures.

Our Latest Products

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Hydropneumatic System

Hydro pneumatic systems deliver efficient, noise free performance....

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Pumps & Pumping System

Pumps are commonly used in Commercial Building Segment for water...

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Submersible Mixers

Submersible mixers are suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial effluent treatment plants and municipal sewage treatment plants.


Submersible Mixer
Lifiting Davit
Vertical Agitators
Electrical control Panel

Water Treatment Plant
Hydropneumatic System

Work Process

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Testing & Record
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